"My mind, heart and soul open up like a flower in the sunlight as I listen to Kristin. She is grounded yet touches the stars. She makes music with her words that resonate with truth. My heart melts with joy when we enter the Silence."

~ Kim Thompson
Author of The Mermaid’s Friends

"Kristin dares to reveal the mysticism of Spirit through her messages."
~ Michelle Johnstone

Mental health paraprofessional

"Kristin has an engaging delivery. I love that she takes risks and either gets very vulnerable during her talks or really creative."

~ Matthew Bennett
Business owner

"One of the things I love most about Kristin is her ability to create and anchor sacred space with those present.  This was palpably evident to me the first time I entered the space where she was speaking -- I immediately felt the love and peace that she stood for, calling forth the love and peace inside me."

~ Trina Brunk

"To be in Kristin’s presence is to be in the presence of the Christ light."

~ Mary Clements

Youth & family ministry director

"I always feel I can trust Kristin with my issues and vulnerabilities, and trust her to protect my privacy and integrity, and honor my autonomy and uniqueness. In her presence I feel special and valued and safe.

~ Tina Wiles


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