Wilderness Soul Vision Quest-Fasts


Rev. Kristin teams up with a seasoned co-guide to provide this nature-based ceremony toward revealing the truer self and wholistic being. Participants learn about and utilize a simple wheel of life -- reflecting the elements, seasons, spectrum of light, phases of human development and aspects of body-mind-soul-spirit.


The Wilderness Vision Quest-Fast is a transformative opportunity to gain insights into your own soul and life through the power of circle, story, nature, soul and Spirit. It is an ancient practice of seeking, letting go, re-membering, finding and integrating. Individuals called into this rite of passage are often marking a known (or simply felt) life change. Whether the life shift is obvious (e.g. marriage, divorce, retirement, moving) or simply inward, this ceremony marks the end of one way of being while midwifing a new birth of a truer self.

We gather in circle to get acquainted, hone our intentions and prepare for three nights alone in nature. Fully supported and prepared by your guides and one another, you will enter into this ceremony of surrender and receiving by fasting from food, company and shelter. By facing any fears, letting go and trusting, a new pathway is illuminated. We gather again in circle and are nourished by food, stories and deeper understandings. Finally, you'll return home (often feeling very alive!), to integrate the gifts revealed through nature and loving community.


Once enrolled, participants begin to move through the first distinct phase of severance, leaving behind an old way of being. The severance phase continues until the solo portion of the vision-fast begins. Now we cross the threshold and enter into the realm solely led by Spirit and nature. Returning to community and toward home we begin the incorporation phase that typically lasts one full year from the end date of the quest.


2016 Full Wilderness Soul Vision Quest-Fasts


Ibiza Island, Spain

September 22-30, 2016

Guided by Kristin & Annette Beerens

(for all genders)


Mohave Desert-Joshua Tree

October 18-30, 2016

Guided by Kristin & Alexis Slutzky

(for women)


2016 Seasonal Daylong Nature Immersions



Red Rock, Santa Barbara, CA

Saturday, July 30, 9am - 7pm

Guided by Kristin & Alexis Slutzky

(for women)


Fall & Winter Days TBA