Mystical Journeys & Retreats


Sacred sites, mystical teachings, diverse cultures...Since 2003, Kristin has been leading spiritual trips. These journeys have taken participants on adventures through outer and inner landscapes to discover the true nature of who they are as Divine beings. Travels to date have included such sacred destinations as Assisi, Italy; Bali; Costa Rica; Peru; Avila, Spain; Arkansas; Santa Barbara, CA; Channel Islands, CA: the Katy Trail and Unity Village, MO; New Mexico and Sedona, AZ


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Wilderness Journeys & Retreats

Dip into the recesses of your soul by allowing nature and community to teach and reflect the truth of who you are and to bring your gifts into sharper view. After crafting our individual intentions in a circle of loving community, we venture out across the threshold for a solo vision walk in nature. During this time, we fast from food, company and shelter in order to open to the raw, wild within and the magical world of nature. We gather again later to break the fast and tell stories while the guides mirror the participants' experience. Final storytelling, mirroring and closing circle is designed to send you home overflowing with a deep connection to your soul, the circle, and all of life. Ready for new possibilities to unfold!


There are three primary formats for these experiences: seasonal daylong Nature Immersions, five-day SoulQuest and two-week wilderness vision quest-fasts. Below are upcoming opportunities in these three formats. 


Half or full day nature-connection retreats can be catered to your group or organization's needs and held indoors or out. Methods may include council, meditation, inquiry, movement and art. Please see "Soul Vision" under workshops.




This is a condensed version in a single day, but don't be fooled by chronos time. Nature loves to have you in her arms and on her terms if you will surrender to Her and listen deeply. We gather in the morning in circel and spend at least four hours out in nature solo (fasting from food, shelter and company during this time). Then we gather together in the late afternoon to share a potluck meal and share our stories with mirroring. 


A more expansive version than the daylong, this is a 5-day retreat into the four directions of your own evolutionary nature. Through daily solo intentional time spent in nature we will learn and live the teachings of a particular seasonal wheel of life known as The Four Shields. Our intention is to deepen and clarify our soul experience upon the earth. To date these experiences have been held at La Casa de Maria in Santa Barbara, CA and on Santa Cruz Island, CA (off the coast of Ventura). 


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This is the whole enchilda. A full wilderness vision fast is a dedicated and deep dive into your self as body, heart-soul, Spirit and nature. A great way to mark a major transition in your life or simply take a clear look at who you are being right now and who and how you want to be. Allow wild nature and community council to open and awaken your sensual and spiritual being. After experiencing a grueling first quest, Kristin witnessed the profound initiation that this practice offers and went on to engage in more personal experiences and training to be guide others in this experience. She's discovered they aren't always grueling however they are powerful! Kristin co-guided her last quest with Annette Beerens on Ibiza Island in Spain. The next one will likely slated for Cailfornia.


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Post Blessing Ceremony

Bali ~ Island of Devotion Journey


Let Go of the Shore Retreat on Santa Cruz Island, CA

Kristin with a statue of the spiritual giant, 

St. Teresa of Avila, planning September 2016 

journey to Avila, Spain