​Inspirational Talks
Rev. Kristin speaks on a variety of spiritual subjects pointing the listener toward greater life fulfillment. Her talks are a blend of metaphysics, spiritual inspiration, psychology and story that employ creative use of video, imagery, poetry, music, drama or current events. These talks always include practical steps to integrate into daily life. She may be booked for single events or series by contacting her at

Retreats & Trips 
​Fun, inspiring, enlightening, transformational, revitalizing, even life-changing -- these are a few words that have been used to describe the experiences of those who have participated in one or more of Kristin's programs including a variety of options for spiritual practice, study and sharing.

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Personal Sessions & Circles

Are you ready for transformation? One-on one sessions with a gentle, clear guide can be just what you need to support the next steps on your spiritual journey. Life Visioning, Spiritual Counseling and Dream work are among the possibilities offered by Kristin. If you are seeking a circle instead, consider an Open Soul, Women's Circle.

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Celebrate your life's most potent passages with meaningful, heartfelt ceremonies customized to your needs and preferences.  Blessings for birth to memorials, marriage, blessings for babies, pets and ceremonies for poignant times in women's lives are all options. You and your loved ones will be honored and celebrated.  

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Classes & Workshops

Add a workshop to a speaking event. What will enhance the purpose of your gathering? Kristin teaches workshops and classes on realizing dreams, prayer, meditation, prosperity, inquiry and all of the Spiritual Education and Enrichment classes in the Unity Institute spiritual development program.

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Speaker's Coaching
Do you want to become a more comfortable, dynamic speaker? Kristin has a clear, gentle, intuitive style assisting speakers in finding their authentic voice and honing delivery as well as preparation skills. Kristin holds a Bachelor's degree in Speech Communication and a Master's degree in education. She has shared talks with over 7,000 different people and has given hundreds of talks at Unity churches as well as mixed community venues alongside spiritual leaders from various backgrounds.

One of the things I love most about Kristin is her ability to create and anchor sacred space with those present...the first time I entered the space where she was speaking, I immediately felt the love and peace that she stood for, calling forth the love and peace inside me.​   


~ Trina Brunk, singer/songwriter​

This ministry is supported by satisfied participants. Your tax-deductible donation to Soulstream Ministries is greatly appreciated. Thank you!