Classes & Workshops


Meditation Practices 

If you have wanted to develop or deepen a regular meditation practice, this course is for you! We will practice and experience various forms of meditation, explore benefits and origin of meditation and even learn methods to meet with resistance. Each week will include extended community practice in “the Silence.” Students will develop or refine a daily practice and share their progress in a supportive classroom environment. Kristin has been a practitioner of meditation for 25 years and looks forward to sharing the peaceful benefits of meditation with you!



We are reminded through the ancient practice of council, how we used to communicate -- from and to the heart, with deep listening.

In this workhsop, we will learn (remember) the guidelines of council and practice this simple and profound art of communication. Explore thoughts, feelings and stories on a particular topic (e.g. spiritual citizenship, gender, race relations, cross-generational understanding, etc.). When we share in this way we remember how it feels to be at home in our hearts by listening and speaking to what is present now. You may deepen your ability to see and be seen, understand and be understood, love and be loved. We will also discuss Council’s application in couples, families and organizations. 


Dream Council

In this unique workshop, we gather in the morning in a dream star configuration. We tell our dreams and weave togeher a collective fabric of fantasy, mythology, daily life occurances, the bizarre, sacred and mundane, fears, hopes and present time awareness. We call upon powerful insights of the subconscious, symbolic, sleeping realm to come forth and make themselves known to the conscious mind and be witnessed and woven together with this particular group of souls. This can also be a way for a family or existing group to share and reveal visions, ideas or truths that may not otherwise emerge.


Soul Inquiry 

We open to insights and soul desires through meditation, personal and partnered inquiry, and symbolic art. A space is created for a clearer view of your inner state of being and a glimpse of your becoming in a supportive, community environment.


The Four Pillars of Prosperity 

Participants learn to build a prosperous life by strengthening five essential prosperity practices. The four pillars – Vision, Forgiveness, Generosity and Gratitude -- are built on a foundation of Faith. A modified version can be taught as a workshop. 


Affirmative Prayer ​

Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind – Romans 12:2​

This scripture is at the heart of New Thought spirituality. Affirmative prayer, along with meditation, provides an effective “how-to” transform the mind. Learn to pray with power and create living prayers that breathe spiritual life into your daily experiences. This class or workshop may also be customized for Prayer Chaplains or Practitioners.


Compassionate Communication 

At the base of healthy relationships is clear and authentic communication that begins with self-awareness. Participants will learn to listen wholistically and express themselves clearly – through Compassionate Communication and spacious listening practices. This can be taught in a class or workshop format.​


​All Unity S.E.E. Classes 

Kristin teaches all classes offered for Spiritual Education and Enrichment (S.E.E.) credit through Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute (UWSI).

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