Whether you are a nature lover, spiritual traveler, mystic, unitic, perennial philsopher -- or all of these -- you and I should meet! I invite you to join me in discovering and living from the natural and joyful stream of your soul and I trust one of my offerings through Soulstream may assist you in that process. My ministry is about authenticity, creativity and purpose -- discovering your soulful self and what wants to be expressed through you. I offer means to connect (with your soul, body, heart, others and the earth) and ways of support every step of the way. I look forward to connecting with you whether you visit this site to listen to a radio podcast, watch a talk, read inspirational messages or enroll in a personal session, retreat, class or ceremony with me. Or perhaps you will register for a spiritually-focused journey or nature retreat and travel with me to both inward and outward places that enrich and transform you as well as bless the communities in which we travel.


Blessings on your soulful journey ~



Kristin's teachings are a blend of her passions and experience in mysticism, New Thought, nature and soul. She combines the power of co-creativity, meditation and prayer with the heart-opening, soul-defining power of nature to help participants discover who they truly are and to claim their gifts to their fullest expression.


Kristin has been trained by the Sierra Club in Wilderness Basics, First Aid and Hike Leadership. She has been trained in the Nature of Council and Mirroring by the School of Lost Borders and has participated in two full vision fasts (spending three nights in the wilderness fasting from food, shelter and company) with the School as well. Prior to founding Soulstream in 2013, she was the senior minister at Unity of Columbia in Missouri from 2005-2012. Before and after she was ordained a Unity minister in 2002, Kristin served Silent Unity’s Telephone Prayer Ministry as Prayer Associate and later Supervisor. In 2003, Kristin founded Unity Rising, Travel Adventures in Divine Nature. She has published poetry in the Prairie Light Review and articles in the Unity Institute Journal of Theology and the book Sacred Secrets: Finding Joy, Peace and Prosperity. She is also a member of the Daily Word writing team. Her meditation CD recordings and study guides may be purchased under products on this website. 



Unity Rising is a not-for-profit organization, governed by a Board of Directors that includes: Michelle Johnstone, Daniel Marston and Kristin Powell.



Unity Rising is affliated with Unity Worldwide Ministries, Unity Online Radio (www.unity.fm/soulstream), Soulstream, Silent Unity, Unity Institute and the Association of Global New Thought. Kristin also draws upon the work the School of Lost Borders and various mystics.




This ministry is supported by donations from satisfied participants. If you are spiritually nourished by any of the podcasts, meditations, online radio programs, or other offerings you experience through this ministry, please consider making a tax-deductible donation. 


photo by AMC Photography Ventura CA